Projects 2009

• On 12th of May 2009 in the chamber hall ,,Bulgaria” Bulgarian Musical Society organized a charity concert of choir THE GREAT VOICES OF BULGARIA to raise funds for the implementation of future projects related to the choir. The concert hed a great success and received a wide media coverage.

•  With the support of Bulgarian Musical Society choir THE GREAT VOICES OF BULGARIA realized a concert tour in Portugal and the Azores. In the period 13th -16th of May 2009 the choir presented three concerts which passed with a large audience. Two concerts were held on the third largest island of the Azores – Terseyra, city Angra Doo Eroizhmu which is the cultural capital of the Azores.

• With the assistance of Bulgarian Musical Society choir THE GREAT VOICES OF BULGARIA received an invitation and gave a concert at the prestigious annual international art festival in the city Lichfiyld, UK. The concert was held on 11th of July 2009 in the Cathedral of Lichfiyld and was attended by many admirers of representatives of the music community and media. The British public was once again fascinated by the magic of traditional Bulgarian singing and talent of the performers and conductor Ilia Mihaylov.

•  From 12th to 16th of October 2009 a team of French company EVA Production was in Bulgaria to shoot a film about the choir THE GREAT VOICES OF BULGARIA as a part of the series ,,The best choirs in Europe” for MEZZO TV which presented the most elite groups in choral singing. Bulgarian Musical Society organized an interesting and varied program for its French guests and made everything possible they to be able to make the most impact and provide work of choir THE GREAT VOICES OF BULGARIA. EVA Production team, singers from choir THE GREAT VOICES OF BULGARIA and representatives of Bulgarian Musical Society traveled to Plovdiv, where in the charming atmosphere of the house of Balabanov ethnographic complex which is a prat from Old Plovdiv was filmed a rehearsal of the singers and several interviews with soloists from the choir. The TV team also had the opportunity to enjoy and film two concerts of the choir THE GREAT VOICES OF BULGARIA. The first concert took place in the crypt of the temple-monument ,,St. Alexander Nevsky” and included in its program Orthodox music, and the second was in a chamber concert hall ,,Bulgaria” and on it was presented traditional Bulgarian folk music.

• On 26th of November 2009 in the hall of Opera and Philharmonic Society – Plovdiv was held a concert on the occasion of 75th anniversary of outstanding of Bulgarian conductor, composer and honorary chairman of Bulgarian Musical Society Academician Vassil Kazandjiev . The program of the concert included: Divertimento by Vassil Kazandjiev, Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in La major, KV 488 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Symphony № 7 by Ludwig van Beethoven. Soloist was talented Bulgarian pianist Hristo Kazakov, living and working from many years in Switzerland. Orchestra of Opera and Philharmonic Society – Plovdiv was conducted by one of the best students of Academician Kazandjiev – Maestro Ilia Mihaylov.

• On 10th of December 2009 in Hall 11 of the National Palace of Culture in the frames of New Year’s Music Festival there was a concert ,,Baroque Christmas Moods” of Chamber orchestra ,,Studio Primo” conducted by Ilia Mihaylov. Under the baton of Maestro Mihaylov and implementation of ,,Studio Primo” soloists Chavdar Valkov – violin, Jordan Dimitrov – violin, Dimitar Tenchev – cello and guest soloists Yanko Marinov – organ, Joana Dimitrova and Evdokia Bobotsova – mandolin sounded magical music of Pachelbel, Corelli and Vivaldi.

• In 2009 Bulgarian Musical Society together with its partner Farenah Concept organized a series of exclusive and unique cultural events which were presented to the defense public in the conceptual space of the shop Farenah. Our ambition for 2010 is to continue this tradition and the events that we organize to become emblematic of the cultural life in Bulgaria.

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