Handel – Corelli

CONCERTI GROSSI – Handel – Corelli

2010 year marks exactly 300 years from the first integrated implementation of the Twelve Concerto grosso Op. 6 of Arcangelo Corelli. Regarded as the creator of the genre, inspired another Italian genius, living in London at the time, George Frideric Handel. He also wrote twelve works heavily inspired by the style of its predecessor, but different, which in themselves are considered masterpieces of Baroque music.

In 2009, which is the year of Handel (250 years after his death) Bulgarian Musical Society and Farenah Concept submitted to the exclusive event four of the Concerto grosso for two masters in the implementation of the Chamber orchestra STUDIO PRIMO with conductor Ilia Mihaylov.

In 2010, we have the ambition to continue this endeavor, integral to fulfilling the Concerto grosso by Corelli and Handel (which will be the first of their overall performance in Bulgaria) or a total of 24 works interpreted in six nights, four to a concert. The concerts will be held at the Catholic Cathedral St. Joseph in the center of Sofia.

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