Studio Primo

Studio Primo Chamber Orchestra was founded in 2002 in Pleven in support of the professional performing arts. The orchestra works entirely on a project basis. Grand ambition of Studio Primo is to give a chance of young musicians to concert with big names in Bulgarian music.  In its repertoire Studio Primo includes works of various styles and eras – from the masterpieces of classic music with a new alternative sound. In Studio Primo touring some of the best young musicians in Bulgaria.

In the project ,,World names and Studio Primo” the musicians from the orchestra had concerts with great names like Vasko Vasilev – violin, Plamela Nickolson – piano, Svetlin Rusev – violin, Yaldaz Ibrahimova – jazz vocal, Teodosii Spasov – kaval.

The project of Studio Primo and Yaldaz Ibrahimova ,,Gypsy Romance” was presentrd at European Music Festival 2004 in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Pleven, organized by Classic FM Club, as well as at the 20th anniversary edition of Apolonia 2004.

Studio Primo is invited to take a part in most of the prestigious  music festivals like New Year’s  music festival, Arts festival Apolonia, European Music Festival, Thes Saloon of Arts, Laureate days Katya Popova.

One of the most successful appearances of Studio Primo  was the tour in Italy on the occasion of 250 anniversary of Mozart, where in nine performances were presented all the concerts of Mozart for piano and orchestra together with soloists Todor Petrov – piano and Adriana Gerkova – Mezzo-soprano.Partnership and creative eclecticism of genres and styles Studio Primo realized in large scale recording and live concerts with the oldest underground group in Bulgaria Bluba Lu.

Together with French company Musidesign, Studio Helios XVI and its artistic director Christophe Jacquelin Studio Primo works on music projects for film productions. Studio Primo also has some projects with the famous bulgarian composer Mitko Shterev.

Chamber Orchestra Studio Primo works with conductors Ilia Mihaylov, Vladimir Boshnakov, Georgi Dimitrov, Prof. Peter Baberkov.