Law of Patronage


Chapter one


Art. 1. This law shall provide the public relations connected with gratuitous conceding of aid by individuals and corporate bodies, called hereinafter “patrons” for creating, preservation and promotion of culture works.

Art. 2. The law aims to stimulate the individuals and the corporate bodies to support the development of the Bulgarian culture.

Art. 3. (1) Work of culture under this law shall be any work of art created as result of creative activity and expressed in whatever way and in whatever objective form as: 1. literature works and translations of literature works; 2. publicistic works; 3. musical compositions and sound records of musical compositions; 4. arrangements of musical compositions and folk works; 5. stage works; 6. films and other audio and audio – visual works; 7. works of the pictorial art, including works of the applied art, design and folk arts and crafts; 8. works of architecture; 9. works of the art and documentary photography; 10. works of art created with the aid of computer software; 11. performances of artists – performers.

(2) The activities for implementing archaeological studies, restoration and conservation connected with preservation of the culture – historic heritage shall be creative activity and for them may be conceded gratuitous aid in the sense of this law.

Art. 4. (1) Patron in the sense of art. 1 shall be any individual or corporate body who concedes gratuitous aid for creating, preservation or promotion of works of culture under the conditions and by the order of this law.

(2) A person received gratuitous aid by a patron shall owe only performance of the subject of the contract determined according to art. 11, para 6 and 7.

(3) In the sense of this law no patron shall be: 1. the state; 2. the municipalities; 3. the commercial companies with over 50 percent state or municipal participation; 4. the state enterprises of art. 62, para 3 of the Commercial Law; 5. the non profit corporate bodies with state or municipal participation; 6. the budget enterprises.

(4) The support cannot be in favour of connected persons in the sense of § 1, para 1, items 1 – 8 of the additional provisions of the Commercial Law.

Art. 5. The patronage shall be gratuitous conceding of aid for creating, preservation or promotion of works of culture directly and/or through organisations supporting culture registered under this law.

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