The Great Voices of Bulgaria choir was founded by Zdravko Mihaylov in 1971, and bears its current name since 1990. Since 1999, its Artistic Director and Conductor is Ilia Mihaylov. It exists in tree versions- Man’s, Women’s and Mixed choirs.

The choir repertoire consist of the most popular and virtuoso songs of authentic Bulgarian folklore, arranged by composers such as Philip Koutev, Krassimir Kyurkchiysky, Stefan Dragostinov, Peter Liondev and others. The Great Voices of Bulgaria also elaborates on the religious music of the Orthodox Church highly appreciated by the international musical critic.

The Women’s choir of The Great Voices of Bulgaria has gained international fame under the name Le mystere des voix bulgares (a.k.a. Bulgarian State Radio and Television Female Vocal Choir).

During the years soloists of the Great Voices of Bulgaria have been: Nadka Karadjova, Kalinka Valcheva, Nadezhda Hvoineva, Hristina Lutova, Kremena Stancheva, Liliana Galevska, Tvetanka Varimezova, Yanka Taneva, Stoyana Lalova, Elena Bozhkova, Zlatina Ouzounova, as well as the classics- Emilia Maximova, Roumen Doykov,Vesselina Zorova, Vasil Kanchev, Lili Parashikova, Noi Nikolov, Benedikt Molhov, Perter Yanakov, Nikolay Petrov, Bogomil Spirov and priest Stefan Markov to name just a few.

While this unique grouping of great solo voices allows the choir to tackle classical pieces, its repertoire is not restricted only to such works. Transmitting their art into the third millennium The Great Voices of Bulgaria has realized projects together with the world famous film composer Michel Colombier, the trio of the French jazz pianist Francois Raulin, the emblematic Bulgarian musician Theodosii Spassov , the visual artists Missirkov / Bogdanov, and the cult–status band FSB.

For over thirty five years, The Great Voices of Bulgaria has participated to the major music festivals, and has extensively toured Europe, Russia , North America and Israel. They had recorded for BBC, the French company Auvidis and Naive, received Grammy Award and Disque d’Or at MIDEM in Cannes. They have appeared on 25 CD, and 3 DVD’s. In 2004 the Bulgarian National Film Center has made the documentary film Voices, dedicated to their artistic achievements. In 2009 TV channel MEZZO made a documentary, about them for their prestigious series “Les choeurs de l’ Europe”, a very high honor as only twelve emblematic choirs are to be featured.