Projects 2012

• Homo Ludens and the death in the Rudolf Sirera’s  play “The Venom Of The Theatre” co-project of Bulgarian Musical Society and the Ministry of culture

Bulgarian Musical Society’s aim is to use this project to expand the boundaries of its appearances and also to go beyond music and turn to other sorts of art. Within the project “Homo Ludens and Death” the association successfully accomplished the staging “The Venom Of The Theatre” of the Spanish author Rudolf Sirera, which represents a psychological and philosophical performance of our reality. The play continues to be prosperously presented on the stage of the national theatre Ivan Vazov. On this project the association works successfully with the young producer Marii Rosen, who has already established his name in the craft, the excellent stenographer Petya Boukova, the talented actors Valentin Ganev and Plamen Dimitrov, the composer Konstantin Timoshenko and the choreographer Veronika Petrova.

• Festival of the free theatre second edition (November 14th-18th, 2012)

The second edition of the Festival of the Free Theatre on November 14th-18th, 2012 includes 16 performances – 6 premieres, several interesting debates, lectures and workshops, which are situated in 10 different places in Sofia. Among the most interesting performances, which took part in the festival, is Rudolf Sirera’s “The Venom Of The Theatre” with director Marii Rosen, stenographer Petya Boukova and the participation of the actors Valentin Ganev and Plamen Velikov. “The Venom Of The Theatre” in this festival became reality owing to the project of the Bulgarian Musical Association “Homo Ludens and the Death”, prepared and  achieved by the Ministry of culture.

• Female choir “Radcliffe” of the Harvard University

On July, 7th, 2012 in the American College of Sofia the female choir “Radcliffe” of the Harvard University performed one of their greatest concerts. The performances were conducted by the conductor, director of the choir actions and senior music lecturer in Harvard Andrew Clark. Bulgarian conductor Iliya Mihailov also works with the female choir. The choir association “Radcliffe” is one of the oldest and most famous female choirs in the USA. With its fifty singers, the troupe is given a glorious ovation, because of its great repertoire – from church and secular music of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, to masterpieces of Romanticism, plays of American composers and modern compositions of foreign folklore songs. In front of the audience was performed a master class of the Bulgarian folklore, leaded by the conductor Iliya Mihailov with the participation of the Chamber Ensemble of the choir “The Great Voices of Bulgaria”. The participation of the Bulgarian singers in this measure was possible, because of the support of the Bulgarian Musical Society. Bulgarian and American choristers sang together and their acquaintance will initiate one good partnership for the future, for certain.

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