Members of the association may be able physical and legal persons who wish to contribute to achieving the objectives of the association. Members may be regular and honorary.

Acquisition of membership

Membership in the association is voluntary.

An applicant for a regular member submits a written request to the Governing Board, which declares that it is aware and accepts the provisions of this Statute. Candidates – legal entities submit a certificate application with the current status and the decision of the Governing bodies for their membership in the association.

The Governing Board shall submit an application for compulsory voting at its next meeting. Membership is acquired from the date of the decision of the Board.

Honorary members may be citizens, organizations and companies which have special merit and respect to the objectives of the association and individuals for their service or social status, functions or proven experience in a position to contribute significantly to achieve the objectives of the association. Honorary members may participate in the deliberations of the General Assembly with voting rights.

If you want to become a member of Bulgarian Musical Socety it will be e presure for us to contact us.