Governing board

Honorary chairman:

Academician Vassil Kazandjiev

Academician Vassil Kazandjiev is famous Bulgarian composer, conductor and pedagogue. He was born on 10th of September 1934 in town of Ruse. When he is 7 years old he begins to play a guitar and two years later he begins to play a piano. When hi is 9 years old he begins to compose. In 1957 he graduates in State Conservatory of Music. Vassil Kazandjiev studies conducting with Professor Valdi Simeonov and compostion with Professor Pancho Vladigierov. Vassil Kazandjiev combines high professionalism with wide musical culture and developed creative intuition. He has recorded for Bulgarian radio, Balkanton, Harmonia Mundi – France, Kibaton – Japan and for other recording studios in different countries. He is an author of many symphonic and chamber works – five symphonies, a lot of senates for various instruments and instrumental concerts. In 2005 Vassil Kazandjiev is elected for member of correspondence of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. At 12th of December 2009 the Governing board of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences elects member of correspondence Vassil Kazandjiev for Academician in direction “Creators of Art”.


Stefan Galabov

Stefan Galabov graduated Business Administration in Paris and is entrepreneur in various fields. In May 2005 Stefan Galabov, Yosif Melamed and Ilia Mihaylov have established Bulgarian Musical Society with the clear idea of supporting and keeping traditional Bulgarian musical culture. From then till now Stefan Galabov is fully committed to the aims and causes of Bulgarian Musical Society, assisting and supporting unconditionally the work in the organization. From 2007 up to now Stefan Galabov is a chairman of Bulgarian Musical Society.


Dr. Vitan Vlahov, DMA

Dr. Vitan Vlahov is a trombonist and longtime lecturer at the National Music Academy “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov” in Sofia, Bulgaria. In recent years he is actively involved in the implementation of various Bulgarian and international musical projects and concerts, festivals and cultural events as a Director of the foundation for music, science and art “Encore”. In 2007 he defended a thesis: “Interpretation and instrumental problems associated with the implementation of modern chamber works for brass instruments” at the NMA “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov ” and he received the university degree “Doctor” of musical arts. During the period 1997-2000, he specializes in world-renowned trombonist, conductor and teacher, Prof. Dr. Per Brevig at the prestigious “Manes” college of music in New York, USA. There, he completed additional course in conducting with Maestro Michael Cherry (the only assistant conductor of George Szell in Cleveland Symphony Orchestra in 1997). At the time of his specialization, he gave many recitals and performances with orchestras in New York and around the United States. His international activity includes numerous concerts in many cities in Bulgaria and Europe as well. One of his recent recitals in duo with piano sonata are with: Iliana Yotova, Iva Vodenicharova Ivan Yanakov, Elena Dikova, Katherina Tangarova in Sofia, Vidin, Vratsa, the American University in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria and others. Most of them are recorded and broadcast by Bulgarian national radio, which also owns dozens of his records including: Sonata for trombone and piano by Paul Hindemith, Elegy for trombone and piano by Angel Zaberski with the pianist Ivan Yanakov, “Five Pieces in the style” by Robert Schumann, Sonata №7 by Arcangelo Corelli with the pianist Iva Vodenicharova, as well as several recordings with music for brass ensembles like: George Gershwin – Selected out of “Porgy and Bess”, Antonin Dvorak – Humoresque, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Overture to The Marriage of Figaro, Turkish march and many others. In 1996, after passing a competition, he was elected as a member of the Sofia Philharmonic on a permanent basis, where he even today is a member of the philharmonic quartet “Trombones” with the current members of the Sofia orchestra, with whom they delivered a series of concerts around. In 2003, he played at the Vienna chamber music festival “Wien modern” (which founder and longtime director was Italian conductor maestro Claudio Abbado) at the Wiener Musikverein concert hall on a gala night dedicated to the new contemporary Bulgarian composers. In 2001 he graduated “Finance” at the University of National and World Economy (UNSS) in Sofia, Bulgaria.