La Belle Nivernaise

This project includes in itself screening of the original band of Pathe House of the mute film “La Belle Nivernaise” with director Jean Epstein written to the novel of Alfonse Dode with a live vocal accompaniment from women’s choir The Great Voices of Bulgaria and conductor Ilia Mihaylov and musical accompaniment from French jazz trio Raulin, Avenel, Corneloup. The project is realized only one time at the Festival Strade Del Cinema in town of Aosta, Italy in initiative of the art director of the Festival Enrico Montrose and has a great success. As a promoter of this project in Bulgaria Bulgarian Musical Society considers that its presentation to the Bulgarian public will be extremely interesting and memorable because this is one unique combination of different types and styles arts which combine in themselves the European culture and go beyond established limits revealing only beauty and talent.

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