Zlatina Uzunova

Zlatina Uzunova was born in village Erma River near to town Zlatograd. She graduated from the Musical School in Shiroka Laka in the class of folklore singing. When she was 12 years old she was a soloist of Children youth folklore ensemble – town of Smolian. During her studying in Smolian and Shiroka Laka Zlatina won a lot of prizes for folklore singing.

Since 1987 Zlatina Uzunova is an art director of State folk ensemble Smolian. With this ensemble Zlatina wins a lot of competitions.

Since 1988 Zlatina is a soloist of choir The Great Voices of Bulgaria. With the choir Zlatina sings in France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Malta, Sweden, Canada and other countries. She recorded some CD’s with the choir and won a music award “Grammy”.

Since 1999 Zlatina is a soloist of ensemble “Rodopa” – Smolian. She recorded a lot of CD’s and DVD’s.