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From ancient times until today donation as a public activity is very popular in the Bulgarian lands. The Bulgarians as a really culturally conscious nation has always exhaled in their abilities from their own recourses to help to one or other noble cause. In the past the people donated money and recourse for building of churches, opening of schools, issuing of books. These nice traditions of the Bulgarian society have been preserved to nowadays.

Bulgarian Musical Society as a socially responsible organization seeks to preserve and to continue eternal national traditions in the field of donation and preservation of our cultural values. During the years of its existence our Society helped to a lot of charity causes, provided scholarships to talented Bulgarian children, organized different cultural events in support of Bulgarian artists, finance the issuance of many multimedia products.

Bulgarian Musical Society calls upon to all of you who love and appreciate the Bulgarian culture to support our projects and activities as you make a personal or corporative donation. Let us prove to ourselves and to the world that we are one really conscious and self-respecting nation which didn’t shows its charity only during the campaigns to help to someone or to something and we preserve and respect our culture and history. Our donators and sponsors use financial incentives according to Bulgarian legislation and enjoy of the love of many talented Bulgarian artists.

If you want to support the Bulgarian culture trough monetary or material donation by Bulgarian Musical Society you can relay on our full help and assistance connected to the act of donation and obtaining of complete and detailed report of the way of the spending of donated from you founds.

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