As a socially responsible organization, BMS helped various charity causes, gave scholarships to talented children, organized various cultural events to help performers and artists, funded the publishing of a number of multimedia products.

BMS appeals to all of you who want to help different artists, artists and authors support our projects and activities by making a personal or corporate donation. Let us prove to ourselves and to the world that we are still people and we value and respect the art and do not show our charity only during campaigns to help someone or something. Donations can be made through both public and donor advertising, as well as anonymously, depending on your will. The funds may be donated to support the entire activity of the association as well as for a specific project that is being worked at the time of the donation.

If you want to support culture through monetary or material donation through BMS, you can rely on our full support and assistance related to the act of donation itself and receive a full and detailed account of how you spend your money.