BMS sponsored the exhibition of the Swedish author Fabian Edelstam “Trans Europa”

Under the patronage of the Ambassador of Sweden to Bulgaria, HE Ms. Louise Bergholm, Gallery 2.0 together with BMS, are pleased to present the exhibition by the Swedish author Fabian Edelstrom Trans Europe.

The exhibition is organized on the occasion of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. It traces the atmosphere and personalities of European history of the 20th century.

Many of the themes are borrowed from the history of the Balkans and Bulgaria in particular. In some cases, the works are based and inspired by the Bulgarian portraitist Dimitar Gudzhenov, such as the paintings of the two Bulgarian generals of the First World War, Major General Krustyu Marinov and General Danail Nikolaev.

There is a place for other powerful leaders like General de Gaulle, or Kemal Ataturk, reminding us of the courage in times when many demons from darker times reappear in European reality. The narrative is balanced by the female beauty in the face of Bridget Bardo and Princess Grace of Monaco.

Fabian Edelstam has always been attracted to history and impressed by Europe’s cultural heritage. His works are a combination of painting and photography of canvas – a mixed technique that uses the principle of the mosaic.

“By deconstructing the images and re-collecting them, the author seeks a deeper reality. Like moments captured by childhood memories or historical events, some pieces are inevitably lost, some replaced or stacked in a different sequence. As with human memory, there will always be inconsistencies and omissions – a process of disintegration. “Ms. Louise Bergholm.

Fabian Edelstrom was born in Stockholm where he studied at the prestigious Beckmans School of Design and then at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière in Paris. From the 90th he lives and works in Paris. His family is related to the famous Bulgarian artists abroad Jordi Papazov and Jules Pascens. His work is in the possession of the European Parliament, many others have met with the audience of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sweden, the Memorial Charles de Gaulle in France, the Parliament of Luxembourg, NATO, and belong to many private collections such as that of Prince Albert of Monaco , Swedish royal family, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren and others.

Wednesday, November 21st, 2018 News