Board meeting of the Bulgarian Musical Society

A Board meeting of the Bulgarian Musical Society was held on July 15th 2016. Stefan Gаlаbov – Chairman, Vitan Vlahov – Vise Chairman and Ilia Mihaylov – Artistic Director were present. It was decided to intensify the activities of the The Great Voices of Bulgaria choir. In this regard the following projects were outlined for realization:

- To participate in Paris choral meeting in June 2017 to implement concerts organized jointly with the University of Paris.

- To reissue CD “Anthology” of The Great Voices of Bulgaria.

- To participate in the festival of Bulgarian art on the occasion of May 24 next year in London, organized by the Bulgarian Cultural Institute.

- To realize large-scale audio-visual project and a new CD record of together with the emblematic composer Yavor Roussinoff.

Thursday, July 28th, 2016 News