We are delighted to announce the new project of the Bulgarian Musicаl Society AB ORIENTE LUXCHANTS OF THE ORTHODOX EAST.

The project won a first place in a session funded by the National Culture Fund of Republic of Bulgaria. It is a part of the Culture Program for the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2018.

The project will present one of the European musical roots of Bulgaria – the Orthodox Church chants that originated in the Slav-Byzantine cultural world, an ancient prototype of the contemporary European Union. The project will translate and expose to publicity Eastern Orthodox music found in manuscripts, collected from various monasteries, archives, and funds. Systematizing those works from 9th to the 19th century in one CD will help to present the Bulgarian cultural heritage as a part of the European cultural world. Performed and recorded by contemporary church singers – psalts, those chants will be annotated by a musicologist and theologian.  Richly illustrated and released on a CD in luxurious bilingual book edition and followed by four live performances, this project will summarize the liturgical music, used in the Bulgarian lands, music that have influenced the development of Western European culture for more than a millennium.