Following an invitation of Тhe University of Paris (Sorbonne) from 9 to 19 June 2017, the Bulgarian Musical Society and the “The Great Voices of Bulgaria” choir conducted by, Ilia Mihaylov, will take part in the Choral Meetings organized in the French Capital. For the first time in the 20-year history of the forum the Bulgarian choir was invited. The aim of the project is cultural exchange and includes lectures at the university, as well as joint rehearsals and performances with about 100 French singers. For 10 days they will have the opportunity to learn about the traditions of the Bulgarian folklore and Orthodox Church music, the creativity of the classical Bulgarian composers, the specific harmony and polyphony of the Bulgarian song, and the sound of the Bulgarian language. Especially for this occasion a contemporary work for a triple choir (mixed classical, female folklore, and children’s) was written by the composer Yavor Roussinoff.

Six concerts will be held in Paris and its region together with the French choirs.

Places and dates of the concerts:

Saturday June at 11 AM
La Petite Criée
11 rue Jean-Baptiste Sémanaz
93310 – Le Pré Saint-Gervais

Sunday June 11 at 5 PM
Eglise Saint-Pierre Saint-Paul
2 rue de Romainville
93100 – Montreuil-sous-bois

Thursday June 15 8 PM
Chapelle du Musée d’Art et d’Histoire
22 rue Gabriel Péri
93200 – Saint-Denis

Friday June 16 at 8 PM
L’église orthodoxe Saint-Serge
93 rue de Crimée à Paris
75019 – Paris

Saturday June 17 at 8 PM
Eglise Notre-Dame de Lourdes des Coudreaux
21 avenue du Général Morin
93370 – Montfermeil

Sunday June 18 at PM
Château de l’Etang
198 avenue Gambetta
93170 – Bagnolet